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“Digital dentistry doesn’t really work…”

In my 20+ years of driving CAD/CAM dentistry, how many times have I heard that? So, I’m just going to leave this here. 🙂

The chart above is one dentist’s revenue growth in his practice since 2007. He posted it on the forum a few months back and I filed it away when I saw it.

Naturally we don’t buy technology to (only) earn more revenue, but there is so much talk about ROI on equipment and I think the chart says it best, without uttering a word.

In 2016 the doctor invested in single-visit-dentistry and in 2018, cone beam x-ray. The numbers are the numbers.

As far as single-visit-dentistry is concerned, we have touched on this already and we’ve seen how it lowers the hurdles for patients to say “Yes” to the clinical work they need. Cone beam technology, on the other hand, allows us to diagnose more because we see more.

Crown procedures with less hurdles? = more crown procedures.

More diagnoses through CT? = more procedures.

Enjoy the curve.

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