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Clinux Version 1.0.2 Released

New Clinux Version Available Now!

We’ve updated Clinux and, like all our software updates, it is completely free of charge for our users. There is no more affordable, or simpler way to begin making crowns in your own practice. The Clinux workflow is so easy, anyone in the practice can learn it without the need for in-person trainings.

Highlights of the update include:

  • Export your scans from MEDIT Link directly into Clinux (Clinux integration will be accessible through MEDIT App Box soon)
  • Personalize Proximal Contact strengths
  • Manage My Subscription
  • Support Request from within Clinux
  • Settings and Preferences now stored in the cloud
  • … plus a lot more!

With Clinux, all software updates are free of charge with no installation required. Just log into Clinux as normal and you will have access to the new tools.Clinux is the world’s first, affordable, cloud-based CAD software designed for Dentists by CAD-Ray. Did we mention Support is included?!

New features of Clinux Version 1.0.2

Learn more about Clinux at or

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