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Clinux Version 1.0.4 Released

New Clinux Version Available Now!

We’ve updated Clinux and, like all our software updates, it is completely free of charge for our users. There is no more affordable, or simpler way to begin making crowns in your own practice. The Clinux workflow is so easy, anyone on the team can learn it without the need for in-person trainings.

Highlights of the update include:

  • Autolaunch CAM on Export
    • One-click export to MillBox CAM
    • One-click export to Go2CAM
    • One-click export to ChiTuBox 3D slicer
    • One-click export to SprintRay CAM
  • Mill mode and Print mode
    • Intaglio optimization for both printing and milling for optimum fitting restorations and appliances

Autolaunch CAM on Export

When using Clinux 1.0.4 and you also have the small, local program “Clinux Bridge” installed on your system, you may Export any design from Clinux directly into the following programs, greatly simplifying the IOS > Clinux > Production machine workflow.

Overview of Clinux 1.0.4 Update

Welcome to CAD in the cloud!

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