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Podcast – Same-Day 3D Printed Crowns

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In this episode of the Totally Oral Podcast, Dr. Russell Schafer interviews Jessica Knott, Damien Bonner, and Matt Newman.  Jessica is part of Ackuretta (fast-growing 3D printer manufacturer) and both Damien and Matt are from CAD-Ray, the world’s largest Medit dealer.  We discuss how new 3D printed materials will be recognized under the ADA as ceramic crowns and how to incorporate them into your practice. 

Coupled with CAD-Ray’s new software Clinux, the goal of Ackuretta and CAD-Ray is to be able to design and fabricate a crown in a comparable time as a milled crown to work well in a dentist’s office.  

We also discuss how dental meetings are come back and how great IDS in Germany is…

“The Clinux software? I like it a lot, it’s a really good little software. I have exocad and 3Shape and I teach BlueSkyBio and I just like the simplicity of Clinux. The other softwares? It takes a while just to understand how to get started…”

Dr. Russell Schafer

“If you’re buying exocad or 3Shape TRIOS design (CAD) software, you are probably buying more than what you need. Clinux is designed to make things as simple as possible so that anybody can design a Crown or a Night Guard. So now you can design right in your browser for just $99 (99€) a month with no contracts and unlimited exports. That is easier for the practice to manage rather than paying $6,000-$11,000 for software.”

Damien Bonner

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Same-Day 3D Printed Crowns with Ackuretta, Clinux & CAD-Ray

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