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MEDIT is the CAD/CAM Market Challenger

MEDIT has captured a significant share of the Dentist CAD/CAM market in only a couple years. Already at 7% of the total CAD/CAM market* and with the release of the new i700 last Spring, we won’t be surprised to see MEDIT reach the double digits in 2022.

Our Conclusion: MEDIT is the fastest growing IOS in dentistry today due to: premium-segment product performance with value-segment pricing. Plus, no hidden costs, no scan fees, no update fees, free software apps and more.

Time to join the fun…!

* Source:

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Edentulous Scanning With MEDIT

Scanning edentulous arches is one of the most difficult things you can do with an intraoral scanner (you should be aware of that).

The reason is the rather flat surface of the gingiva that does not allow the camera to lock into specific landmarks, like teeth, in order to accurately register the surface data of the edentulous arch. Remember, an intraoral camera is nothing more than a series of individual images put together to create the “video” acquisition. Therefore, it is very easy for the software to mis-match individual images when putting the model together when there is no vertical data, or very little vertical data, to lock into.

So we have these forces working against us when scanning edentulous arches. What we don’t need is for our fingers, gloves, etc. to get in the way of our scanning. Ideal would be if our fingers and gloves could help the scanning process!

Here we show you how to use the Colour Extraction filter to simplify the edentulous scan:

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Clinux Version 1.0.3 Released

New Clinux Version Available Now!

We’ve updated Clinux and, like all our software updates, it is completely free of charge for our users. There is no more affordable, or simpler way to begin making crowns in your own practice. The Clinux workflow is so easy, anyone in the practice can learn it without the need for in-person trainings.

Highlights of the update include:

  • New Social Login options
    • Facebook
    • Google
  • Minimal Thickness Body

With Clinux, all software updates are free of charge with no installation required. Just log into Clinux as normal and you will have access to the new tools. Clinux is the world’s first, affordable, cloud-based CAD software designed for Dentists by CAD-Ray. Did we mention Support is included?!

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Re-set Your CAD-Ray Password

CAD-Ray operates in Europe and North America and, accordingly, we have two different websites:

CAD-Ray Europe:


CAD-Ray North America:

If you have registered at one, or both, of these websites, you may want to change your password or maybe you have lost it. In either case, this video shows how you can simply reset your password and gain access to the sites once more:

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Create Your Own Temps with MEDIT Temporaries

No sooner did we receive the new Model Builder with the ability to create our own dies in the free MEDIT software, but now they’ve released MEDIT Temporaries!

The new, free, MEDIT Temporaries App can be downloaded like all Apps from MEDIT in the MEDIT Link software under the App Box.

With MEDIT Temporaries, you can now make either Eggshell-type temporaries (where the Temp is created by uniformly reducing the pre-operative crown and you reline it in the mouth) or a custom-fitted temp based on your tooth preparation and margin.

This video gives you an overview of the two techniques for making Temporary Crowns with MEDIT:

You can design along by downloading the case example here: