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MEDIT Link > Clinux Integration

24 September 2021

As of today, MEDIT Link has an integration to Clinux by CAD-Ray. The official Clinux plugin can be installed via the Medit Link App Box as usual.

For the MEDIT/Clinux user, it means your scans in MEDIT Link can now be directly opened in Clinux with the click of a button. Previously users had to first export their MEDIT scans to a folder, then open Clinux and import those files for working.

Thanks to the cooperation and partnership between MEDIT and CAD-Ray, the process for making a Crown from your MEDIT scans just got a whole lot easier.

New, Simpler, Faster and Easier Workflow

Clinux integration into MEDIT Link

Once you have installed the Clinux integration into your MEDIT Link software (see below for instructions), you simply take your scans as normal. When you are finished, click on the Clinux icon in the top right of your MEDIT Link Case Box and the scans you just made will be automatically loaded into Clinux, ready for designing your restoration.

When the restoration design is completed, you can export the restoration as an .STL or .OBJ for either printing or milling purposes.

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Clinux Version 1.0.2 Released

New Clinux Version Available Now!

We’ve updated Clinux and, like all our software updates, it is completely free of charge for our users. There is no more affordable, or simpler way to begin making crowns in your own practice. The Clinux workflow is so easy, anyone in the practice can learn it without the need for in-person trainings.

Highlights of the update include:

  • Export your scans from MEDIT Link directly into Clinux (Clinux integration will be accessible through MEDIT App Box soon)
  • Personalize Proximal Contact strengths
  • Manage My Subscription
  • Support Request from within Clinux
  • Settings and Preferences now stored in the cloud
  • … plus a lot more!

With Clinux, all software updates are free of charge with no installation required. Just log into Clinux as normal and you will have access to the new tools.Clinux is the world’s first, affordable, cloud-based CAD software designed for Dentists by CAD-Ray. Did we mention Support is included?!

New features of Clinux Version 1.0.2

Learn more about Clinux at or

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World’s easiest dental CAD design software!

By Dr. Armen Mirzayan

Clinux comes with over 100 years of combined cad/cam experience between its developers which includes dentists and engineers.

The workflow follows what every dentist and team member is accustomed to. You have a pre-op model, a preparation model, and the opposing with the bite. All you do after you mark your margins is set the path of draw, and the copy every part of the mock up / pre-op you want included, and Clinux spits out the perfect proposal every time.

You then modify it to your liking and send it off to manufacturing (milling or printing). It doesn’t get any easier than this. Look for announcements at the IDS on how we will package this. Oh and the whole App is run on Google Chrome where we push the updates to you and you don’t have to worry about implant libraries (coming) and other feature enhancements.

Watch Dr. Mirzayan create a Clinux crown in under 5 minutes

Clinux is the world’s first, affordable, cloud-based CAD software designed for Dentists by CAD-Ray. Making crowns in your practice has never been easier because the workflow is so simple, anyone in the practice can use it with little training. Did we mention Support is included?!

Learn more about Clinux at or visit the Clinux product page.

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Posterior Crown Workflow in Clinux

Clinux is the world’s first cloud-based, affordable CAD software for dentists. If you are looking for a simple solution to begin making your own in-office crowns, you are in the right place.

The simplicity of Clinux lies in the crown design method itself – Clinux copies the pre-operative situation and uses that as the basis for the new crown. If you are familiar with making a temp in your office, you will understand and master Clinux within hours.

In this video we show you the standard posterior crown workflow in Clinux and you can see that with the help of the CAD Assistant, anyone in the practice can easily learn and begin making their own crowns.

Clinux is available for sale starting June 15th here at CAD-Ray Europe and CAD-Ray North America.

If you are interested in testing Clinux before the release, please get in touch with us below: