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Translucent Enamel Is A MotherDoctor For All Intra-Oral Scanners And Their Accuracy

By Dr. Armen Mirzayan

One of the most important lessons a digital dentist has to learn quickly is how to not introduce errors when scanning dentition.  The most likely area when s/he can introduce errors is in the anterior area where the incisor are not only narrower than molars but can also have translucent enamel.  Add just a little spacing between teeth with diastemas and you can quickly distort the accuracy of the model.  This is true of ALL intra-oral scanners in the market.

There are a few ways you can overcome these issues and the second video highlights some of our preferred methods. The concept is easy- block the light from travelling through the tooth structure and you are set! 

Here are some examples of how light shinning through the enamel and /or ceramic instead of bouncing back resulting in errors in model accuracy. Lesson #1 for every IOS user is to know when and where they are likely to introduce error. In dentate cases, it usually is right that the transition from premolar to canine to lateral. The surface area decreases dramatically and if you have translucent enamel and / or material and / or highly reflective surfaces you can “derail” the model building. Here is an exaggerated demonstration:

Translucent enamel can also play a role in distorting the cavosurface margins of a inlay or onlay restoration.  When imaging from the occlusal, the gingiva below the margins acts as a barrier to block light transmission through the enamel, but as soon as you start to roll the camera to the buccal or lingual, and you have enamel with no substrate behind it to block light transmission, you can introduce errors in the equation with any scanner.

There are many ways to combat this which include powdering the tooth structure, using a rubber dam, or in Medit’s case, you can use the color subtraction filter.  You selectively tell  the scanner to ignore certain colors and you use that exact color (here, it is the color of the glove) to block light transmission through the enamel. So the software just ignores the blue, but the light is prevented from shining through reducing the errors you would introduce.

Dr. Armen Mirzayan is a 20+ year CAD/CAM user and Founder of CAD-Ray USA.

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Experience CAD-Ray Clinical Training

CAD-Ray is the world’s largest MEDIT dealer and we got there by focussing on clinical training. What good is a new IOS scanner when you don’t know how to integrate it into your clinical workflow?

CAD-Ray was founded by a dentist (Dr. Mirzayan) but in fact, the whole team has been training and educating dentists for more than 20 years on the integration of CAD/CAM products into their practice.

On July 9-10 in Heidelberg (just 3 months after our founding) we hosted more than 30 dentists for two days of theory and hands-on training with MEDIT i500, i700, Clinux cloud-based CAD software and exocad.

Experience for yourself the energy and fun with CAD-Ray!

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CAD-Ray Grand Opening and Medit Owner Training Event

It’s time to get out of your practice!

CAD-Ray Europe and Medit have teamed up to bring you the premiere Medit i500/i700 training event this summer in Europe. Join us in historic Heidelberg for CAD-Ray’s Grand Opening and Medit Owner Training event on July 9th and 10th.

Special guest instructor: the one and only, Dr. Armen Mirzayan, founder of CAD-Ray US, Medit Master, international key opinion leader and trainer of more than 15,000 dentists worldwide. This is the “can’t miss” event of the summer!

What is included in your registration?

  • 2 days of clinical training with Dr. Armen Mirzayan
  • Hotel accommodation (2 nights: July 8th and 9th)
  • Food and drinks during training (coffee breaks and lunches)
  • Grand Opening Event Dinner at Heidelberg Castle
  • Transportation to and from Frankfurt International Airport or Mannheim Main Train Station

Presentations in English. 

Click here to learn more about our Grand Opening Event and Medit Owner Training