Clinux FREE Month

All existing CAD-Ray customers are eligible to get one FREE month of Clinux! This promotion runs from 15 August 2022 until 15 September 2022.

Wait, why should I use Clinux?

A global first
Clinux is the world’s first cloud-based CAD software for dentists developed and tested by the CAD-Ray team. The development team is led by former Sirona (CEREC) employees, so that means Clinux is focused on getting you in and out of the CAD software as quickly, and easily, as possible. This is because your patient’s anesthetic is already running out!

Guided Workflows
Clinux does this by guiding the user through the software. Unlike any other open system, Clinux delivers the convenience of a closed system, but actually connects to any IOS camera and all of the most popular milling and printing CAM softwares.

Unrivaled One-Click Integrations
Clinux can work with any IOS system and connects to the most popular mills and printers in dentistry today.

Import from any IOS and One-Click Export to the most popular milling CAMs
Import from any IOS and One-Click Export to the most popular printing CAMs

How do I get my FREE Month?

Step 1
Go to the CAD-Ray Webshop and add “Clinux monthly subscription” to your Cart:

🇪🇺 CAD-Ray Europe Webshop

🇺🇸 & 🇨🇦 CAD-Ray North America Webshop

Step 2
In the checkout, simply enter “Clinux30” into the Coupon code and your first month of Clinux will be FREE!

Step 3
Now check the email account you used to sign up for Clinux. Open the email, follow the instructions and start making your own Crowns and Night Guards!

Getting Started With Clinux
Helpful resource page for everyone getting started with Clinux:

🇪🇺 Getting Started With Clinux (Europe)

🇺🇸 & 🇨🇦 Getting Started With Clinux (North America)

That’s it. When your 1-month renewal date arrives, you will be promted within Clinux to update your subscription. At that time you can choose to continue your monthly subscription, or cancel it at any time.

Happy CAD’ing, Milling & Printing!

Your CAD-Ray Team