Getting Started With Clinux

Congratulations on your purchase of Clinux and thank you for your business!

Please complete these steps in order to successfully use Clinux your first time

  1. Sign up for a Clinux account from the CAD-Ray webshop. Your Clinux login is THE SAME as your login. Sign up here: or US customers here:
  2. Once you have your Clinux license, navigate to
  3. Click your “Account name” Icon in the top right – go to Preferences – Integrations 
  4. Click Download Clinux Bridge
  5. Download and install Clinux Bridge 
  6. Click your “Account name” Icon in the top right – go to Preferences – General
  7. Change the folder to – This PC – C: – Clinux – CaseFolder (just highlight the CaseFolder) and click Select  – Your case folder is now set up properly and you can start designing!

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Clinux Activation & Configuration

Crown Workflows

Night Guard/Splint Workflows

Tips & Tricks

Download Sample Case Files

Clinux Requirements

Clinux runs over the cloud, so you will need either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser to log into the software ( When logging in, please use the CAD-Ray username and password you used when you purchased Clinux.

Clinux runs in either PC or Mac environments. However, Clinux Bridge (connects Clinux to milling CAMs and printer CAMs) is a Windows-only application for now (new OS-independent version coming soon).

Compatible IOS to Clinux

Clinux is optimized to work with the scan data from the following systems:

  • Medit i500
  • Medit i600
  • Medit i700
  • Medit i700 Wireless
  • CEREC Omnicam
  • CEREC Primescan
  • 3DISC Heron
  • Align iTero
  • 3Shape TRIOS

We are currently working on importing scan data from other IOS cameras into Clinux and will announce those developments as soon as they are ready.

Clinux Activation & Configuration

Clinux Account Activation

Step-by-step instructions how to activate your Clinux license

Configuring Medit to work with Clinux

Optimize Medit Link for a smooth workflow in Clinux

How to Import Your Scans into Clinux

How to begin importing your cases into Clinux

Clinux Crown Workflows

Clinux Database Crown Design

Overview of the Database design mode in Clinux

Medit + Clinux Copy Crown

Overview of the Medit and Clinux Copy Crown workflow

CEREC Primescan Crown in Clinux

Overview of importing and working with CEREC Primescan cases in Clinux

3DISC Heron + Clinux Copy Crown

Overview of the Heron IOS and Clinux Copy Crown workflow

Night Guard/Splint Workflow

Designing A Night Guard With Clinux

Learn how easy it is to make your own Night Guards in Clinux

Capturing Open Bite for Night Guard

A practical way to capture an accurate, open bite for Night Guard production

Tips & Tricks

Replacing A Missing Cusp with Clinux (Copy mode)

Using Clinux to replace a cusp on a broken down tooth

Avoid Margin Artifacts

Troubleshooting: How to avoid getting artifacts on your margins

Submit A Support Request

Problem case? Send a Support Request to the Clinux R&D team

Download Clinux Sample Files

Download these sample cases, open them in Clinux and practice your CAD skills!

Download Sample MEDIT Cases for Clinux

Case 01 – Molar Crown
Case 02 – 2nd Molar with missing cusp!
Case 08 – Molar Crown

Download Sample CEREC Cases for Clinux

CEREC Primescan – 2nd Molar Crown
CEREC Primescan – Molar Crownlay

Download Sample Crown file from Clinux

If you have any questions or need help, please reach out to our Support Department!