Getting Started With Clinux

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Clinux Activation & Configuration

Crown Workflows

Night Guard/Splint Workflows

Tips & Tricks

Download Sample Case Files

Clinux Requirements

Clinux runs over the cloud, so you will need either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser to log into the software ( When logging in, please use the CAD-Ray username and password you used when you purchased Clinux.

Clinux runs in either PC or Mac environments. However, Clinux Bridge (connects Clinux to milling CAMs and printer CAMs) is a Windows-only application for now (new OS-independent version coming soon).

Compatible IOS to Clinux

Clinux is optimized to work with the scan data from the following systems:

  • Medit i500
  • Medit i700
  • CEREC Omnicam
  • CEREC Primescan
  • 3DISC Heron

We are currently working on importing scan data from other IOS cameras into Clinux and will announce those developments as soon as they are ready.

Clinux Activation & Configuration

Clinux Account Activation

Step-by-step instructions how to activate your Clinux license

Configuring Medit to work with Clinux

Optimize Medit Link for a smooth workflow in Clinux

How to Import Your Scans into Clinux

How to begin importing your cases into Clinux

Clinux Crown Workflows

Medit + Clinux Copy Crown

Overview of the Medit and Clinux Copy Crown workflow

CEREC Primescan Crown in Clinux

Overview of importing and working with CEREC Primescan cases in Clinux

3DISC Heron + Clinux Copy Crown

Overview of the Heron IOS and Clinux Copy Crown workflow

Night Guard/Splint Workflow

Designing A Night Guard With Clinux

Learn how easy it is to make your own Night Guards in Clinux

Capturing Open Bite for Night Guard

A practical way to capture an accurate, open bite for Night Guard production

Tips & Tricks

Replacing A Missing Cusp with Clinux

Using Clinux to replace a cusp on a broken down tooth

Avoid Margin Artifacts

Troubleshooting: How to avoid getting artifacts on your margins

Submit A Support Request

Problem case? Send a Support Request to the Clinux R&D team

Download Clinux Sample Files

Download these sample cases, open them in Clinux and practice your CAD skills!

Download Sample MEDIT Cases for Clinux

Case 01 – Molar Crown
Case 02 – 2nd Molar with missing cusp!
Case 08 – Molar Crown

Download Sample CEREC Cases for Clinux

CEREC Primescan – 2nd Molar Crown
CEREC Primescan – Molar Crownlay

Download Sample Crown file from Clinux

If you have any questions or need help, please reach out to our Support Department!