Level 1: Intra-Oral Scanning Mastery

One-day in-person regional Intra-Oral Scanning by one of our mentors. This is an introductory level courses that give you and a team member the confidence to scan an arch in under a minute.

Course Objectives:

  1. Introduction to your new Medit Intra-Oral Scanner
    • Overview of your new Medit IOS’s operation and possibilities
    • Appreciate how Medit can work in a typical dental practice
    • Understand when you can use your Medit IOS
    • Comprehend latest generation of scanning technology
    • Learn how to efficiently scan with your new Medit IOS
  2. Scanning Demonstration and Hands-On
    • Become comfortable scanning on a model
    • Appreciate the information that is needed to achieve a high-quality scan
    • Comprehend the difference between good and bad data capture
    • Learn the pitfalls of over-scanning
  3. Live scanning in the mouth
    • Understand how to operate your new IOS intra-orally
    • Learn proper technique and workflow
    • Isolation of lips, tongue and tooth preparations
    • Master the single-unit, multi-unit and full arch digital impression
    • Scanning for special cases: implants, orthodontics, etc.
Learn the correct operation of your new Medit IOS
Learn full arch scanning and when “enough is enough”
Learn scanning for single crowns
Learn margin isolation techniques
By the end of this course, you will confidently scan full arch cases in just a few minutes!