Level 2: Digital Dentistry Hands-On Training (2-day course)

Two-day hands-on training course for Medit IOS users on digital imaging and unleashing its full potential.

DAY 1 

Morning Session:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Impressions
  • Learn all of the advantages of digital impressions over analog and how you can function independent of time and sequence and how you can take advantage of the editable and additive features of intra-oral scans
  • Master of single unit impressions, complex cases, and learn how to stage of full arch cases
  • Managing errors introduced in imaging
  • Understand how to quickly capture and accurately render full arch cases
  • How and what to delegate to team members

Afternoon Session:

  • Digital implant restorations
  • Mastery the artificial intelligent implant suprastructure identification system to manage direct abutments and scanbodies
  • Design single units, copy cases, and custom abutments from scan bodies


Morning Session: Digital Implantology

  • Introduction and mastery of Integration of Cone Beam data and STL data
  • Understanding the limitation of Cone Beam and STL integration
  • Integration and limitation of multiple Cone Beam data sets
  • Proper digitization of denture duplicates for stent fabrication
  • Multiple ways to design a surgical stent and how to choose appropriate design type
  • Proper case presentation techniques for patients
  • Single implant placement designs
  • Understand how to use Cone Beam scans and surgical stent
  • Treatment planning large cases
  • Appropriate case set ups and their ramifications during surgery
  • The multiple uses for chairside denture duplication
  • Chairside denture duplication and scan appliance fabrication
  • Impression techniques for multiple fixtures
  • Impression techniques for multi-abutments
  • Restorative designs of abutments on CAD software

Afternoon Session: Edentulous and Full Mouth Cases

  • Immediate extractions and how to keep track of the vertical dimension
  • The multiple restorative options available to you
  • Accurate transfers of fixtures to models
  • Digital impressions for edentulous cases
  • Edentulous case design in with digital dentures
  • photogrammetry and intra-oral scans of full arch cases