Clinux Chairside

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Fast-track your way to chairside crowns & night guards
Powerful CAD software doesn’t need to complicated

Serve your patients better, and faster
Patients and your practice will benefit from offering a more convenient crown

Flexible and fair pricing
Finally a CAD software that doesn’t break the bank


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Clinux by CAD-Ray

The world’s first cloud-based CAD software designed for Dentists. Featuring customer-friendly pricing, free updates, no fees and no hidden costs. And with just one click, Clinux allows dentists to integrate their data with dentistry’s most popular CAD/CAM products:


  • Integration with Medit Link -> One-click import of any Medit scans
  • Integration with 3Shape Unite (coming 2023)
  • Integration with 3DISC Heron (coming 2023)
  • Plus the ability to manually import scans from any other IOS


  • One-click export to 3D Printers/slicers
    • SprintRay
    • EnvisionTec
    • Ackuretta
    • ChituBox
  • One-click export to Milling CAMs
    • inLab CAM
    • Hyperdent
    • MillBox
    • Go2Dental

Powerful CAD software doesn’t need to be complicated or break the bank. Clinux is the first cloud-based, affordable CAD software developed specifically for dentists with zero update fees.

Clinux is optimized to work with the scan data from the following systems:

  • Medit i500, i600, i700, i700 Wireless
  • 3Shape TRIOS
  • CEREC Omnicam
  • CEREC Primescan
  • 3DISC Heron
  • Align iTero

Cloud Based
– No installation required
– Access your software any time, anywhere
– Compatible with all operating systems

A Truly Open System
– Clinux is optimized for Medit, CEREC, iTero, Heron and 3Shape IOS cameras
– Accepts .STL, .OBJ and .PLY

Unrivaled Support
– Access to CAD-Ray’s extensive video Tutorial Library
– CAD-Ray and Clinux Facebook Groups
– Phone, WhatsApp and Email support

– Up to 5 users per practice
– CAD-Ray support included

– Crowns (Copy method – perfect for Anteriors)
– Crowns (Database method – perfect for free-form design)
– Crownlays/Onlays (Database or Copy method)
– Night Guard – Anatomical
– Night Guard – Flatplane

Monthly Subscription (Most flexible)
– Billed monthly
– €99/month
– Cancel anytime

Annual Subscription (Most convenient)
– Billed annually
– €990/year (works out to: €82,50/month)
– Discounted by 2 months

5-Year Subscription (Best value)
– Billed every 5 years
– €3.960/5-Years (works out to: €66/month)
– Discounted by 1 full year

Clinux – Crown Design Using Database


Want to learn more? Getting Started With Clinux



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