Medit i600

12.500,00 9.900,00

Your MEDIT IOS purchase from CAD-Ray includes:

  • 1 year standard warranty  3-Year Warranty included (1.550€ value)
  • Exclusive IOS training with MEDIT Master, Dr. Armen Mirzayan on April 17, 2023 (1.000€ value)
  • Access to CAD-Ray’s famous Tutorial Library (900€ value)
  • 5-Year Clinux cloud-based CAD License (4.000€ value)
  • On-Boarding session including configuration of your PC/Laptop

Promotion Ends: 31 March 2023
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The i600 is truly a workhorse for anyone taking their first steps into intra-oral scanning and with an attractive entry-level price, the i600 is very, very hard to beat as your first intra-oral scanner or adding it to your practice as a second or third scanner.

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  • Room to room mobility with USB 3.0 connection
  • Scanning area was 14×13 now 15×13
  • Accuracy twice as good for full arch
  • 180-degree rotation on tip
  • 45-degree mirror angle vs 40 – distal second molars
  • 100 uses for the tips autoclave vs 50
  • Scans up to 30 frames per second
  • Remote control button – switch between scan stages / rotate without having to go back to keyboard
  • Vibration when break continuity with scan
  • Coverage of internal hardware
  • Create master model from scan segments – 5 separate boxes will stitch together in segments
  • Multiple bites
  • Faster time to process scan
  • Ortho module auto tooth segmentation


  • Scan and produce open source .STL, .OBJ, .PLY files
  • Normally delivers within 5-7 business days
  • One year manufacturer warranty included (additional 2 year manufacturer warranty can be purchased at check out – Just remember, your assistant is not going to tell you s/he dropped the camera at month 13.  S/He will tell you “the camera just stopped working!”)
  • Includes Membership to (access to Tutorial Library)
  • Includes Level 2 Training: two day hands-on training in Heidelberg (valid for 12 months after purchase, non-transferable)
  • Includes initial remote training session
  • Instructional videos to get started right away
  • Peer to peer online support and private discussion forum
  • Unlimited remote and phone support
  • Satisfaction guarantee with return policy
  • 10% restocking fee within 30 days

PC/Laptop Requirements


i600 in action


i600 Un-boxing


Setting Up The i600




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