Medit i700 Wireless

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Your MEDIT IOS purchase from CAD-Ray includes:

  • 1 year standard warranty 3-Year Warranty included (1.550€ value)
  • Exclusive recorded IOS training with MEDIT Master, Dr. Armen Mirzayan from April 17, 2023 (1.000€ value)
  • Access to CAD-Ray’s famous Tutorial Library (900€ value)
  • 5-Year Clinux cloud-based CAD License (4.000€ value)
  • On-Boarding session including configuration of your PC/Laptop

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Medit’s new flagship product, the i700 Wireless is premium level technology at value-segment pricing. Medit has really done it again – if you fancy a wireless scanner in your practice, this is the only one available at less than 20k Euros.

I know what you are wondering now: “How does the wireless work in the real world?” The wireless technology in this camera is not WIFI – Medit is using their own proprietary technology. Does it work? Indeed it does. We attended the launch event of this product and had more than 20 i700 Wireless cameras working on one meeting room. That would never work with WIFI, so Medit has really figured something out with their latest technology.

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  • Robust, re-chargeable wireless camera
  • 4 batteries included
  • 1 battery lasts a typical working day
  • Room to room mobility with wireless connection
  • Twice as fast as i500/ more vivid lifelike colors
  • UVC light to disinfect camera internals
  • Scanning area was 14×13 now 15×13
  • Accuracy twice as good for full arch
  • 180-degree rotation on tip
  • 45-degree mirror angle vs 40 – distal second molars
  • 100 uses for the tips autoclave vs 50
  • Scans up to 70 frames per second (i500 30 frames per second)
  • Remote control button – switch between scan stages / rotate without having to go back to keyboard
  • Vibration when break continuity with scan
  • Coverage of internal hardware
  • Create master model from scan segments – 5 separate boxes will stitch together in segments
  • Multiple bites
  • Faster time to process scan
  • Ortho module auto tooth segmentation


  • Scan and produce open source .STL, .OBJ, .PLY files
  • Normally delivers within 5-7 business days
  • One year manufacturer warranty included (additional 2 year manufacturer warranty can be purchased at check out – Just remember, your assistant is not going to tell you s/he dropped the camera at month 13.  S/He will tell you “the camera just stopped working!”)
  • Includes Membership to (access to Tutorial Library)
  • Includes Level 2 Training: two day hands-on training in Heidelberg (valid for 12 months after purchase, non-transferable)
  • Includes initial remote training session
  • Instructional videos to get started right away
  • Peer to peer online support and private discussion forum
  • Unlimited remote and phone support
  • Satisfaction guarantee with return policy
  • 10% restocking fee within 30 days

PC/Laptop Requirements

i700 Wireless in action


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