Medit i700 “Clinical Package”


This package is perfect for the dentist who is just getting started with intra-oral scanning and wants proper training with their purchase. Includes over 2.500,00€ value in training.

Clinical Package Includes:

  1. Success Training
    • 3-hour On-Boarding session
    • 3-hour Basic Training session
    • 8-hour Level 1 Scanning Mastery in-person training
  2. CAD-Ray Tutorial Library
  3. CAD-Ray Private Facebook Group
  4. Support Included
  5. Keep-Scanning-Warranty

The Clinical Package from CAD-Ray Europe ensures you will be successful with your new IOS.


We’ve trained more than 15,000 dentists worldwide and we know what you need to be successful and we’ve bundled it into this package. Designed for the newcomer to intra-oral scanning, the Clinical Package literally guarantees you will be successful with your new camera.

Starting with our Success Training, you will receive proper, personal remote On-Boarding from our head of Sales and Support, who will guide you through installation of the camera, installation and configuration of MEDIT Link software, configuration of your operating system and even your graphics card! Plus basic camera handling so you can begin scanning staff before moving on to patients. This ensures you are ready to begin scanning right away and get the maximum performance from your new camera.

We follow that up with a video-guided 3-hour Basic Training session where you also have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with our integration expert.

Next, as a CAD-Ray customer, you are entitled to attend any one of our Level 1 Scanning Mastery classes (Link) from one of our CAD-Ray Mentors. Each of our Mentors were trained by Dr. Armen Mirzayan, himself a MEDIT Master, so you can be sure you’re getting accurate, and relevant, clinical information.

Second, we give you access to the CAD-Ray Tutorial Library with thousands of clinical and product tutorial videos conveniently organized as in the MEDIT software workflow. Many customers have never been to training but just used these videos to learn how to scan intra-orally from scratch!

Third, we give you access to the CAD-Ray Private Facebook Group where more than 1,400 dentists (as well as CAD-Ray staff) share their questions and solutions to common learning curve topics. What is it worth to have a safe place to ask questions of your fellow dentists?

Fourth, CAD-Ray’s world famous Support is included. If you have a problem, we have the solution. It is that simple.

Fifth, our Keep-Scanning-Warranty ensures you are never “down” with your scanner. Even if it breaks (for whatever reason), we will ship you a new one directly from our stock* while your original scanner goes back for repairs. Never re-schedule another appointment or lose production because of a technical issue again.

All together, the Clinical Package includes 2.500,00€ worth of value. When you buy from CAD-Ray, we guarantee you will be successful within 90 days. If you complete your training and are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will buy it back from you less a re-stocking fee**.

* Subject to available inventory
** 10% re-stocking fee within 30 days, 2%/month thereafter


Medit i700 features overview

More videos below…

The new i700 is smaller, lighter and 2X faster than its predecessor. Summary of improvements:


  • Twice as fast as i500/ more vivid lifelike colors
  • 18% smaller
  • 12.5% lighter
  • UVC light to disinfect camera internals
  • Scanning area was 14×13 now 15×13
  • Accuracy twice as good for full arch
  • Room to room mobility with usb 3 cable connection
  • 180-degree rotation on tip
  • 45-degree mirror angle vs 40 – distal second molars
  • Just plug right into computer for power and usb
  • 100 uses for the tips autoclave vs 50
  • Scans up to 70 frames per second (i500 30 frames per second)
  • Remote control button – switch between scan stages / rotate without having to go back to keyboard
  • Vibration when break continuity with scan
  • Coverage of internal hardware
  • Create master model from scan segments – 5 separate boxes will stitch together in segments
  • Multiple bites
  • Faster time to process scan
  • Ortho module auto tooth segmentation


  • Scan and produce open source .STL, .OBJ, .PLY files
  • Normally delivers within 5-7 business days
  • One year manufacturer warranty included (additional 2 year manufacturer warranty can be purchased at check out – Just remember, your assistant is not going to tell you s/he dropped the camera at month 13.  S/He will tell you “the camera just stopped working!”)
  • Includes Membership to
  • Includes Level 2 Training: two day hands-on training in Heidelberg (valid for 12 months after purchase, non-transferable)
  • Includes initial remote training session
  • Instructional videos to get started right away
  • Peer to peer online support and private discussion forum
  • Unlimited remote and phone support
  • Satisfaction guarantee with return policy
  • 10% restocking fee within 30 days

Jon’s 20-second arch scan and Segment scanning


Segment Scanning Continued


Edentulous Metal Bar Scanning


Multiple Occlusal Relations




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