SprintRay Pro Wash and Dry


Mechanical jetting washes your parts in just 10 minutes.

Simple touchscreen controls deliver a superior wash experience.

Automatic pumps make sure you never have to touch alcohol.



Automated 2-Stage Wash & Dry

Mechanical Jetting
Using a high-speed motor that spins at over
10,000 RPM, Mechanical Jetting is a patented system that rapidly delivers agitated alcohol to 3D printed parts with only 500mL of solvent.

10-minute Wash Cycle
Thanks to the efficiencies gained through Mechanical Jetting, SprintRay Pro Wash/Dry can complete a full, two-stage wash cycle in just ten minutes.

Set it and Forget it
Place the SprintRay build platform or included wash basket in the wash cradle and press ‘Start.’ Pro Wash/Dry automatically performs a two-stage wash and dry.


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